Beauty: Kamesha of Ava Loren Design

She planted the seeds long before I even knew the transition was coming. Her obedience to the Lord and her loving presence in my life was such a needed walking testimony.

Even in the briefness of my first few encounters with Kamesha I could tell she was different. Made of that stuff you hear about but never really get to experience. Dedicated, passionate, and joyful. Every project she put her hands on turned to art. She inspired me. (Still inspires me!)

But it wasn’t just her floral mastery, her mind for design or even her bubbly personality that could make the sun come out on a rainy day that draws people in.

The light @avalorendesign shines into the space she enters is the epitome of what we stand for. 

She never does anything half way or sorta kinda. She commits herself wholeheartedly to every relationship or event that graces her abilities. From the biggest smile she offers to a complete stranger to investing 10000s of man hours planning someone’s unique wedding day down to perfectly curating a Galentines Dinner with a four course meal, delicate table settings, soft music and presents JUST to show her love for her closest friends (yes, yes she even did that 🥰😍😭).

I love that she GETS it. She taught me it wasn’t just about celebrating when everything was hunky dorey. It’s not about ‘projecting’ perfection. It’s about living every day as if it is the most important day while giving glory in the highest to our Lord. 

During the years I knew Kamesha I photographed Kamesha 6 different times (and I may actually be missing a few ha). They were stationed here for 3 years. I’m not telling you you HAVE to book a photo session every 6 months, but if you can, why not?

It ALL is worthy to be remembered. 


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