Day 112

I said it three times this week. Ha, which probably means it’s a discipline I REALLY need to work on cultivating. Not probably…it definitely is.

I said, “If I prayed EVEN JUST HALF of the time I spend worrying and stressing I would be a lot more at peace. My problems would feel a lot smaller than they do. I’d likely learn those hard lessons quicker.

Saying and feeling it so many times this week has made me really lean into this truth the past few days. So this week I’m challenging myself (and you!): PRAY FIRST.

Not last. Or even second. Just pray. It doesn’t have to be eloquent. Or even make sense. But when the feels of overwhelm start coming – pray. Vent it, cry it, hash it, submit it, and then release and trust it to the Lord.

I know it’s so much safer in his hands then in my heart. I can admit my heart has led me wrong, but HE never has!

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