Day 35

Baby Ducks do do do do do dooo.

I’ve decided the theme for this week is gonna be children.

I can tell. I try for this all to be as honest and spontaneous as possible…by digging in about what’s REALLY happening over here, but between care-taking five little humans over the past four days, having adopted 5 baby ducks last week, going over my fertility options…it’s hard not to have it on the brain.

So before I drop all the emotions and things: Meet Princess

Our little ducky sweethearts have brought such excitement. And after what has been an EXHAUSTING few days amongst these crazy past few months, throwing ourselves into these littles was exactly what we needed.

Chasing them. Nurturing them. Cuddling them.

A much much MUCH needed distraction.

Princess is Rory’s favorite duckling. Mind you – we can’t really tell our brown babies (Khaki Campbells) – apart yet. But she STILL insists she knows which one is Princess.

Love, Tianna

P.S. We had duck for dinner today…LITERALLY not making this up. It came as one of our HelloFresh meals. I got really nauseous while cooking it because I had weird feelings – it was delicious though, haha!

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