Day 40


Ever seen the movie “The Lone Survivor”. Well this workout is for them.

Normally we do MURPH on Memorial Day but with COVID, in 2020, we honor them on Independence Day.

I know…things are INSANE out there right now. Our country is a bit of a mess. I know it’s kinda weird to celebrate while we are in the REAL thick of it. BUT I’m thankful we live in a country where we are free.

Do we have things and ideas placed, assumed, thrust, and even forced upon us? Yea. Sure. Of course. Is it fair or ok? NOPE. Not at all.

I didn’t wanna do Murph today. Because I’m still not back to my full fitness ability, but I did it today to remember that the people who have fought for us didn’t quite get the hand they SHOULD HAVE been dealt either.

And yet – we persevere.

(photo from last year’s MURPH with my girls – cause I totally spaced and forgot to get one this year!)

Love, Tianna

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