Day 42

When did we begin to hate children?

I know. That was a QUESTION. (like whoaaaa Tianna) But can we be honest about this for a few minutes?

The negative reactions we get. The harsh words we’ve endured. They say, “Why?” (well…I said it nicer than they do) And then they pile on the judgment, listing off all the reasons why we shouldn’t. Less freedom, less time, less sleep, less money.

When did society decide that having a family – a big one – meant less happiness?

(AND MAN – in the what I’m doing, I’m REALLY getting the side-eye. Stepping back from a beautiful business that helps and serves others to spend time with my children seems crazy. LIKE WHO DOES THAT?)

WHY? What if I empower and support and love on women around me but I’m not present to lead my children to Christ, instill in them their worth, and guide them as they grow?

I’m only one person – BUT what if I raise five or four or three or even just two AMAZING humans, and do it well – how much more can they, by their ripples, put good back into the world?

I’m not telling you to go have 10 children. That’s not everybody’s calling. Ha, that’s probably not even my calling (I’m 31 that would be a lot of childbearing for me to get in). And sure, having more children does mean having to say no to some things. And yes, that could be freedom, time, sleep, or money…

But is that bad?! It bothers me that we see them (children) as a burden. An annoyance. A hindrance. The blessings of children are more than money or sleep or our so-called freedom. My babes have taught me more than I could’ve ever imagined. How to be selfless, kind, patient. How to TRULY LOVE AND SACRIFICE. How to be present. I am a better human because of what being a mother has ushered me through.

And they bring so much joy. I mean yes, being awake at 4 am isn’t awesome but what compare to baby snuggles? To me, a full night’s rest just can’t!

In Jesus name HOPEFULLY, I have at least 50 more years of being able to encourage and walk with women, but for now, I’ve only got 14 more years of my babies at home with me and I’m gonna make the best of it.

Love, Tianna

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