Day 63

I’ve tossed a TON of my clothing over the past few days. I wish I could say it was because I wanted to purge due to the move. But nope – I also spent much of the past few days looking for (and buying) new clothing ha.

It’s funny to see how all these changes just keep going deeper and deeper.

Like when I think we’ve done everything – something else creeps in that is like, “OH HEY – YOU MISSED THIS AREA OF YOUR LIFE.” 😑 

Because of all of these changes I MYSELF have changed.

Things I thought were ‘me’, just aren’t.

Things I thought REALLY mattered, kinda don’t.

I asked myself today, am I have a quarter life crisis? Maybe.

Or maybe sanctification has REALLY just kicked into high over here.

Ha. But it’s still good. Each day I’m feeling lighter and freer. The layers are coming back and I kinda feel like I can’t take anything else off but lemme not speak that. 🤣😅 (cause y’all know tomorrow I’ll tell you different)

Love, Tianna

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