Day 66

Their connection has always made me a little jealous. I think as moms sometimes we don’t feel validated if our kids don’t come to us for every little thing. Maybe I’m alone in that…but I SURE did…

Having been the primary worker in our home for the majority of my children’s lives, being away from them more than I’d planned and them relying on my bae for most things made me feel less than.

Like I wasn’t the woman/mom I should be.

That he was a better parent than me.

That they loved him more…

It was silly and prideful on my part.

I mean OF COURSE children flock to the one who they are around more! It what’s they are USED to. It NEVER meant I was a bad mom.

But I didn’t see it that way…

And now that our roles have switched of course I’m not jealous anymore. (Though TRUTH – I shouldn’t have been jealous in the first place.)

I am SO thankful for the amazing relationship betweem my kids and their dad.

He adores them and they adore him. He backs me in all my parenting decisions and lightens the load when I need him to.

But most of all, he points them to Jesus.

This man is such a beautiful example of how these kids deserve to be loved. In no way perfect, he’s the best earthly example I’ve been around of how our heavenly father loves us.

Firm but loving. Patient but corrective.

And even he knows that’s not enough. But that doesn’t keep him from striving.

And because of the way he loves them I KNOW they will never settle for less than.

Andrew, you’re our hero.

Love, Tianna

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