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Day 76

WHEW. What a week!

It began with acceptance. It’s really beautiful the mountains that move when you truly submit and release. And God covered me with so much comfort for what we had been moving through.

All the desires were definitely still there. BUT – I realized that I would still be ME without those things. Not having them didn’t mean I wasn’t living in my purpose.

My purpose is to enjoy God and glorify him.

And I can do that house or not, more children or not, flourishing entrepreneurship or not.

In fact, I really need to be sure I’m enjoying, and glorifying Him, right where I am.

Not seeking the next step.

All those wants are my flesh. Often God gives us our wants. But man, he’s STILL good even if he doesn’t.

Then came the not so great part: sickness. Both physically and emotionally. And the comparison. It’s all felt like one step forward five steps back.

Lemme tell y’all – being present and open to documenting your happenings and feelings IS EXHAUSTING. Especially in 2020 (can I get an amen to that?) and this woman needs rest: So I’m taking a step back from blogging.

So much of this season has been God pruning back the layers of ALL THE THINGS I was trying to do. And I feel like this is something else he’s shown me I’ve become an unnecessary slave to (as of late).

Nothing is changing as far as the photo business. I’m so excited about our mission to authentically telling stories. Both YOURS and mine (stay in the loop on IG, I’ll still be doing our photo-a-day adventure posting as time allows and excited to use some of this extra time to be able to stay connected so I can keep a beat on what that means for you. @yayitstianna)!

I’m not sure when I’ll resume the blog posts. Maybe just when I really feel LED to write. Maybe just when I really NEED to write. Maybe when I want to reflect. Maybe just when I wanna savor something sweet from our day…or maybe not at all.

One of the beauties of this journey called life is taking stock of what where we are and what we need to grow and how we can flourish and do what that is.


77 days ago, I NEEDED this. I was the person that was quick to just move past things, ignore or pretend, quick to move into what was good and not work through the bad, the sad, and the difficult. And this blog has FORCED me to stop, reflect, and face those things.

But now…now I need the time I’ve been channeling towards reflecting to actually start living in these truths.

What do you need to live a life that’s healthy? That’s rooted in truth? That honors and glorifies God and who He made you to be? Do that boo.

Love, Tianna

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