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Day 90

This week has not gone as planned. And yet we Praise Him!

Today for self-portrait Sunday I went really simple. I had this super cute blue dress picked out to debut my new do. With my hair and complexion it was the perfect tone. I had thought through this super cool creative concept for eye contact. But this is where we ended up.

Sick from fertility medication I have spent much of the day (except a few hours I was able to get through church) in sweats, in bed. Trying to rehab my stomach from the still unexplained pain we’ve had to do a lot less this week. I’m learning grace. I’m learning how much is needed and how much isn’t. I’m learning forgiveness. I’m learning patience. I’m learning TRUE joy.

I dyed my hair blonde a little over a week ago – the same day I got my new tattoos. When people have seen me in person I just brushed it off saying, “Yea it’s just my third life crisis over here.”

But that’s not really true. It’s kinda crazy but amongst all this change, all this transition…we are more secure than we’ve ever been.

Oh Lord, we praise You!

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