Tianna does amazing work! Not only will she make you feel comfortable and beautiful, but the product is outstanding. During our session, she told me to just be natural and would give guidance about how to make my movements/poses most elegant. She works angles and lighting in every pose and in each room. We had normal conversations throughout the shoot and laughed so much that I would sometimes forget that I am posing in front of a camera. Of course she took advantage of those moments and caught the off-guard laughs (which we all know end up being the best pictures!) I would suggest Tianna to anyone wanting a professional, yet down to earth photo shoot! You won't regret it.



Tianna is a blessing and respects the vulnerable state you are in. She brings peace and confidence that sets you at ease and truly make the experience fun. For those looking for seeing your beauty and not trying to feel exposed or are afraid of the erotic nature that many photographers capture, Tianna is the BEST!! Her goal is to make you feel comfortable and see yourself as a masterpiece.



Tianna is truly one of the most precious women I have ever met! I wasn’t sure about this experience, but with Tianna it was effortless and FUN! She made me feel confident and beautiful throughout the whole process and guided me through poses that turned out beautifully!!! I am SO thankful I finally found just an ounce of confidence to book this experience, because I ended my session feeling more confident than I ever have before. Thank you Tianna for being so sweet and encouraging!! I am so thankful for you!!



Absolutely an amazing session! Never regretted booking this photo shoot with Tianna. She is a pleasure to work with and perfect at her craft. She is one photographer I would recommend to all my friends...and I’m definitely hard to please!


I cant thank her enough

Tianna is such an amazing person inside and out! We had been planning my session for a year and the day finally came! I had such an amazing experience with my boudoir session. I couldn’t thank Tianna enough for easing my worries and making me comfortable. Her talent is so amazing and the photos she captured of le left me speechless.



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e. tiannayentzer@gmail.com

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