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Believe in your irreplaceable worth.

the courageous vulnerability card set

You’ve walked down a hard road to be here now, becoming who you truly are. Yet, at times it feels more like a chore than a joy to invest in yourself. There’s so much to be done and no time for yourself.


For women like you, we designed the Courageous Vulnerability Reflection set to help. These cards are our small way of encouraging you to love each and every part of who you are, right now. Taking a small moment each day to love and invest in yourself, we’ll help you begin that journey anew.


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Self Care for Your Love Language

Tired of the hustle? Running yourself ragged? Finding yourself empty?

Ready for a change? What are you doing? What have you been avoiding or setting aside? What is necessary, good, bad or even good but might not be the BEST? This guide helps you take a good hard look at what you've got on your plate, say no, step back or set down so you can start to make YOUR care possible.

Confidence in Insecurity

Start your journey to a more whole you now!

Will you join me in taking some steps toward positivity? Click the link below to receive our five-day challenge '5 Days to Confidence in Insecurity'. Each day you'll receive an email addressing different components of our insecurities and ways they manifest in our lives, each with a little encouragement and a simple but effective exercise to help you overcome it.


she made me feel beautiful!

I was nervous when I first walked into the studio, but she made me feel so beautiful and confident during my photo’s that all my nerves disappear. I stopped her in the middle of our session to tell her how GREAT she is at her craft.



I'm excited to spoil you with this incredible experience we offer!


Tianna xoxo


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