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I’m crazy. 😬😬😬

I redid our pricing. Annnnnddddd…

The prices are lower but have even more stuff in the packages. 🤫

This slower pace got me feeling so much more free. I FINALLY have the margin to be able to offer that for my beauties. 🥰 I’m able to give more because I’m doing less. It just works!

These new packages include a sweet helping of digitals, a print, and a small album! (Peep dem prices on the website – the Pricing & Info page)

Not that it’s about the moneys. There’s a reason for the difference. Besides expertise and training and equipment and experience. The other BIG difference between me and that other guy, is keepsakes. Our packages include high end products.

My business bestie told me this morning “…the last time I printed photos was our home family session…Don’t kill me.”

(which was three years and at least three other photo sessions since then 🤨)

The photos are always gorgeous. And it’s really cool to be able to change your FB profile pic.

But admittedly even I forget to print and actually display my beautiful memories.

So why not hire someone who does it for you? 😎

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