Life is meant to have margin. A space between the world and ourselves.

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I see you, friend. How hard you work to care for those who depend on you. I see the sacrifices, the late nights worrying about the future, the struggle to keep up appearances when things aren’t the way they should be.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

What I know is this: through every season—good, bad, and everything in between—God is always there. Beauty is there. Every chapter is filled with the deep love of our Creator, even when it’s hard to see.

And I want be there for you especially when it's hard to see. 

There have been times when I didn’t have someone to grab my hand and pull me out. Moments when I didn't have a community that would support what I truly wanted. Or even cared about what I needed. It shouldn't be that way. We shouldn't have to muddle through it alone. 

And that's more than OK!

you can't do it all.

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Jesus is teaching me that I am truly enough in Him.

And I’m finally starting to believe it.

This is my why. My mission has evolved from simply helping women to feel beautiful, to helping them embrace who they are, inside and out. To help women discover the truth about themselves: that they are fearfully and wonderfully made in Christ. That He loves us right where we are, though he won't leave us there.

I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Tianna - former fine art photographer, relentless encourager and hype girl, and your partner in embracing and telling your story.

I believe that every woman is beautiful, capable, and worthy of love. But it took me a long time to believe this truth about myself. Years of putting myself down and lack of confidence spoke louder than the truth. I struggled with my identity, feeling like I didn’t fit in, and thinking I had to struggle to be beautiful or accepted. The road towards healing was long, but I’ve learned to embrace it - flaws and all.

Meet Tianna

Hello gorgeous.

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I'm a total homebody. I'm the happiest when I get to be with the people I love in a place I feel comfortable. And yet for 30 years I strove to do what I was told, pursuing that fast paced life, in order to keep up and to please others. No more. Now I'm pursuing only what the Lord calls me to and what I want.

It sounds complicated. It sounds impossible. The world tells us one thing and here I am telling you another. And who am I to tell you such a RADICAL thing?!

Ha, well I'm Tianna. I love naps. I love board games. I love snuggling with my kids. I love a good long bath with my husband. I love being outside. I love the quiet life. And lemme tell you, NOW - I finally have time for those things. Can I help you take a hold of those things you hold dear too?!

Me...In the everyday.

I'm a total homebody.

let's stop buying into the lie that we have to do it all...

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Life is meant to have margin. And yet all the world is shouting at us to do more. Take on more. Be more. And then and only then are we all we are supposed to be and do. Well. I'm here to tell you. That's a lie. Let's start believing truth, together!

How can I serve you?

I've painstakingly learned that crazy pace is not sustainable...let me help get something off your plate!

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


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